The Schlachthof Cultural Centre

  • is Bremen’s largest cultural centre with supraregional presence
  • offers high quality, diverse cultural programs for a variety of audiences.
  • supports and educates newcomers in the fields of music, theatre, and multimedia
  • operates cultural studios which initiate projects, productions and events on various topics of public interest, create publicity and offer the possibility of personal involvement in cultural and artictic activities
  • publishes the cultural magazine “Z” bimonthly
  •  offers space, stages, infrastructure, and know-how for the presentation of both professional and amateur productions,
  • offers the possibility of honorary work
  •  works with qualified personnel independently and self- governing with a cooperative management and also educates trainees
  •  offers modern premises within a restored industrial site which was formally  Bremen’s old slaughterhouse (Schlachthof)
  •  has a public bar with a good assortment of food and drink
  •  offers various leisure activities for people of all ages, including a summer garden, skateboarding facilities and an open air stage
  •  contributes to cultural production and education



The Schlachthof Cultural Centre is a place for the independent local and international youth theatre scene, as well as being a venue for national and international musicians including bands belonging to the underground-culture, it is one of the most valued venues in Germany. The Schlachthof has provided venues for some of the world’s first world beat concerts and HipHop events. It is also is permanent venue for Bremen’s Samba-Carneval. In fact the Schlachthof, has always been open to contemporary urban culture,

Concerts and youth theatre, readings and parties, films, exhibitions, and workshops are fixed features in the event schedule. It is characterized by the coming together of high culture and youth culture and presents high class events by established professionals as well as young talents. Series such as the Roots Nights offer encounters with foreign cultures and their various forms of expression. This is all part of the standard program and is synonymous with joy of innovation and quality. Rock and pop concerts by bands like “Motorpsycho” and “Tocotronic” as well as readings by authors like Charlotte Roche and Wladimir Kaminer complete the multilayered program. One of the annual highlights is the old school skateboard session “Endless Grind.”

The event team plans and executes the schedule. In addition to this it supports the local cultural scene by providing production participations and venues; offering help in organisation and public relations. The event team also offers schooling in the fields of management assistance, event organisation and event technology. The Schlachthof has extensive event production facilities and resources at its disposal; operated by trained personnel. With the provision of high-level infrastructure and technical know-how pros as well as amateurs can present themselves under highly professional conditions.



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