girl's practice room


For more than ten years, the Schlachthof has provided a rehearsal room for girls aged 11 to 19.

With or without prior musical experience, girls who join us here are supported by musically qualified social pedagogues. Each girl has the chance to experience and experiment with our supply of instruments, including guitars, bass guitars and drums, or simply by using their own vocal chords. In connection with this, is also the possibility of producing demo-tapes.

Bands like Splendid, Tofu, Pox, Fairy Tales, Slightslip, Schorsch and others were born at the “muSIEkwerkstatt”. Here they learned to compose and how to present themselves on stage at events like the local open-air “Breminale”, or at youth centres, schools, and different communal festivities.

At the annually held two-day music-workshop professional female rock or pop musicians teach the girls using various instruments. So why merely sway to the rhythm and stare sheep-eye at the stars? Rock, pop, punk, reggae or whatever makes you tick: come and join us. Step onto the stage, make the crowd roar, and enjoy the applause.

By the way female adult musicians/bands can rent the Musikwerkstatt as well.



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