media workshop

The media workshop is the place for people who want to be creative with digital media and present the results of their work in public. Here, kids and teens can learn to be creative with new media in a playful and selfdetermined way.

By artistic means and theoretical discussions, projects developed in the media workshop, express and scrutinize development in the digital world. The topics take current issues into account while leaving room for utopian visions.

The projects are developed and announced in co-operation with different organisations and networks within local and international range. Workshops support the projects and give participants the chance to learn and improve their design techniques, while offering a forum for communicative exchange.

Project results are presented to the public through festivals, exhibitions, television shows, and websites. Amateurs and want-to-be professional artists and creative people, combine their workflow at the Schlachthof media workshop.

Other fields of the media workshop are:

- projects on various subjects

- advancement and imparting of media literacy

-  video production for interdisciplinary projects, exhibitions and educational work

-  counselling and support of non-commercial film projects and young film producers making documentaries, image films, and DVD productions

- workshops for children and youngsters

-  editing of the Schlachthof’s internet presence



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