For concert-, dance- and theatrical-events

Vintage industrial architecture complemented by functional fittings ensures a lively and creative atmosphere for concerts, stage plays, recitals and dance events.

Rental information by telephone: +49 - (0)421 - 3777517 Jörg Lochmon

-  Dimensions: 455 square meters

-  Height: 10.5 meters

- Capacity: 470 seats or 1000 people standing (fixed stands)

- Stage dimensions: depths 7.5 meters on the left, 3 meters on the right, width 17.5 meters (= 92 square meters). Extensions: 12 meters x 1,2 meters, dancefloor according to stage size. Stage height 0.8 meters. Fixed screen 4 meters x 3 meters.

-  Bar counter at the entrance, second counter at the other side of the hall.

-  Stage exit with truck ramp (door 2x2 meters), second driveway directly to the groundfloor backstage area.

-  Backstage size: 63 square meters. Fittings: mirrors, 2 showers, 3 wash basins, toilets


For lectures, discussions, children's theatre , workshops and seminars

Rental information during office hours or by telephone: +49 - (0)421 - 377750


For parties, festivities and concerts

Here, below ground, a typical raw basement feeling prevails. The entrance is not only possible through the lobby, but also via a separate wide ramp leading in from the outside, making individual separate events possible. The passage to the lobby can be opened for larger events. Concerts, parties and recitals are held here, primarily organized in a do-it-yourself fashion by members, private users and organisations. A variety of different interested groups meet here to listen to their music and utilize the room to their liking.

-  Dimensions: 200 square meters

- Height: 2.4 meters

-  Capacity: 196 people standing

-  24 square meter stage

-  2 mobile bar counters with cooling system

-  Entrance from the outside by ramp to the cellar



TEL: +49 - (0)421 - 377750

FAX: +49 - (0)421 - 3777511