The Schlachthof Cultural Center consists of the former boiler house of the original slaughterhouse with tower complex and the magazine facilities. Today, the following rooms are available for events and internal use: Boiler Hall (Kesselhalle) , Magazine Cellar (Magazinkeller), Magazine Floor (Magazinboden), Foyer, the Offices, the Media Workshop, the Pub, the Newspaper Editorial Office, the Arena and the Skateboard Facility on the forecourt.


The Kesselhalle is the largest venue for music, dance and theater events. Old industrial architecture is harmoniously combined with functional equipment and results in a venue with exceptional character and charm. The audience has a very good view from the fixed grandstand construction to the stage. The U-shaped enclosure of the stage is characteristic for the studio character of the events.


The Magazinkeller is an event room for up to 200 people in the basement of the Schlachthof. Separate events can be held there thanks to an outside access via a ramp. The connection to the foyer enables to include the room in the context of large events. Concerts, parties and readings are held here, mainly by member groups, private users and organizers using the “do it yourself” method.


The Magazinboden is a bright event space on the top floor of the Magazine Building for up to 80 people. Lectures, meetings, workshops, courses, seminars and the children’s theater can be held here.


The arena is protected from Findorffstrasse on the Bürgerweide side of the Schlachthof-area. It is designed as a venue with the character of an amphitheater. 300 grandstand seats offer spectators a good view of the 50 sqm interior. 50 sqm of basement space inside the building and a mobile lighting system allow for professional use. During the open-air season, concerts, readings, children’s theater and open-air cinema performances can take place here.


On the forecourt of the Schlachthof, a roller sports facility with pool, snake run and free-running area (street) was built with young people in 1990. The square (approx. 1000 sqm) is openly designed and freely accessible at all times. Skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX riders from Bremen and the surrounding area meet here. In summer, events such as the old school skateboard session ENDLESS GRIND and various jam sessions take place.


The entrance area of the cultural center, completed in 1996, connects the old magazine building with the boiler hall and tower on two levels. Approximately 160 square meters in size, the foyer encloses the chimney of the slaughterhouse, in which there is now a spiral staircase.

Panoramafoto von dem Foyer des Schlachthofs mit links dem Eingang zu den Büroräumen, mittig dem Eingang zur Kesselhalle und rechts dem Toilettentrakt.
Foto: Salome Dokhnadze

Media Workshop

The media workshop is located on the first level of the water tower. It is equipped with two office workstations, a seating area for meetings, analog and digital editing suites, video and photo cameras, and other recording equipment.