“utopia-me – where do I see myself in the future?“

This year, the theatre workshop is dealing with children’s and young people’s visions of the future in various formats under the title “utopia-me – where do I see myself in the future?“

The project is based on the assumption that basically everything is possible in life. Especially when you are young. We want to celebrate the power of youth, visions of the future, dreams, ideas and desires.

Conversely, we want to explore and address what holds us back and inhibits us from living our dream from the perspective of the young participants: Fears, doubts, the opinion of others, older people, rules and views of the adult world that we have to accept and adopt. But do we really have to?

In the project, two perspectives are juxtaposed, that of adults and that of young people. How do adults perceive young people, what and how do they think of them? What expectations do they have of the generation after them? What do they expect from the next generation? What opinions, prejudices and insinuations can be identified? And how do the young people react to this assessment?

We are looking for artistic translations in language, movement, projection and sound, for the expression of inertia and movement, change and standstill, resignation and hope, fear and confidence. The I of our participants should be the focus and be strengthened. Where do I think I am, where and who do I want to be? Everything is possible!

As part of the project, there is a weekly theatre workshop at the Oberschule Findorff, two theatre courses and fortnightly theatre groups at the Schule an der Marcusallee and the Europaschule.

The project is funded by the Bundersverband für Freie Darstellende Künste and takes place in cooperation with the Oberschule Findorff and the KUBO - Kunst- und Bildungsverein Ostertor.

Theatre Workshops at OS Findorff

The theatre workshop for the fifth grade at the Findorff Secondary School is run by our theatre workshop. The pupils meet once a week for two hours during half a year and are taught the basics of theatre as well as the fun of acting. The young people’s ideas gradually lead to their own play, which is presented towards the end of the half-year.